Friday, September 17, 2021

delle foto di Poppi

The castle of the Counts Guido that crowns the city on top of the hill. 
The monastery is tucked into its base.

The Tuscan countryside after the rain.

12th century church of San Fedele, former Vallambrosian monastery 
with the Romanesque architecture I love so much.
The rest of building is just raw unadorned stone.

A view of the surrounding countryside, fields and the lazy Arno River 
drifting through on its way to Florence, not more than a creek here.

One of the gates of the city where I began my jog each morning.

This sign (which contains our stemma?!) descries how you can see two "universality spiritual" centers from Poppi, Camaldoli and La Verna which Date wrote is "in the raw stone between the Tiber and the Arno."

An evening of music with Neti and Miriam (behind me on the cetra).

Regina, reigning queen of the cucina.