Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some sydney sites

Not much to report from Sydney except that I am well rested and making my way slowly back. I got here on Monday night, had all day Tuesday to go touristing shamelessly. I try to go incognito as much as possible. Here is one of my outfits...

* * *

Here are my most favorite sites (if obvious). The Sydney Harbour Bridge (for $150 or so you can actually climb to the top and cross it).


And of course from every angle I couldn't get enough of the Opera House, with its buoyant sails opening up to the world.


These were taken on a ferry ride around the harbour all the way to Manly Beach where I hung out for a few hours at the Corso and the Ocean Surf Beach.


And I was so taken with St Mary's Cathedral
that I went back four different times.
I found the shadows and light of the place comforting in a way I needed for some reason.
It was like being in London and Florence at the same time.

* * * *
Leaving Australia today for Singapore. And God-willing home on Saturday.